Hosting Solutions

Concierge Hosting

for Small Business & Enterprise

Clutter Studios runs what we like to call a concierge hosting service – we take care of all of the details regarding your hosting so you don't need to worry or deal with any technical details. Fees depend on the final size and resources required by a clients deployed site.

New fees are assessed as required.

In some cases, certain websites require additional server resources such as CPU usage and RAM (memory). These types of sites are generally ones that have many authenticated (logged in users). In cases where your site consistently utilizes an above average amount of CPU and/or Memory (above 20% of total server), we will recommend moving you to a private cloud server.

In times where a client may have a "slash-dot effect", we ask that clients contact us ASAP to help mitigate the risk to the website and the overall servers. We do not require clients to pay more money for server resources during these rare periods.

Due to the nature of our server services, we will monitor sites and make suggestions / recommendations on better optimization strategies. These recommendations may allow higher resource users to stay on our initial hosting packages.